Self-Defense Techniques - How Pressure Points Are Used As Self-Defense Techniques

By Pete Kauffer

Pressure points in martial arts self-defense speak are the nerve endings located throughout the human body. If you are in a position where you need to defend yourself attacking these nerve endings is one way to disable your attacker. Hitting, pinching, squeezing or kicking these pressure points can cause extreme pain and make the assailant think twice about continuing the attack.

The human body contains these nerve endings to warn the brain that some part of the body has been injured. The pain associated with attacking these pressure points can actually cause mild to moderate shock. We have all hit our “funny bone”, the nerve located on the inside of the elbow. Even with a small bump it can send a tingle down the arm to the hand. If you hit it hard enough on a solid object your hand can “fall asleep” for a short period of time and the nerve can be quite sore for a few days.

Attacking any number of nerves or pressure points of an assailant can be highly effective. The momentary pain could allow the victim enough time to perform additional self-defense techniques to disable the attacker or flee the scene. And depending on the position a victim finds themselves in, attacking these pressure points may be the only alternative to defend yourself.

Extensive study of human anatomy will provide one with the ability to understand the moist vulnerable nerves. Self-defense training will also teach the most vulnerable nerves to attack if you need to defend yourself. But you can find a number of these pressure points on your own body. Use your fingers or thumbs to apply pressure on parts of your own body. Where you feel pain or discomfort, very likely, others will also.

One point to remember if one is attacked and finds themselves in a self-defense situation. The more force that is applied the more pain will be inflicted. A life-threatening scenario is not one to worry about whether or not the other person if hurt. Applying as much force as you can as quickly as possible may just save your life.

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Be Safe,

Pete Kauffer

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